Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Updating recommendations

My recommended title pages are grossly out of date due to my neglecting them for far too long. To make up for this I am:

1. Removing some of the out of print titles, some I am considering keeping as especially worthy of mention.

2. I will be adding new titles, each of which will be mentioned in this blog as I add them to the page. For now I will attempt to do at least one title, either anime or manga, a week, sometimes more.

3. I will also replacing dead links.

4. I will reduce the number of links to the Right Stuf web site, in the past I linked to each volume in a series. As these pages are recommendations for titles people may have not heard of I will link only to volume one and let the reader search for the later ones.

In the case of anime I will link to box sets when those are scheduled for release and remove the link to the first volume of the earlier release as box sets are significantly less expensive than buying a series individually.

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