Sunday, August 6, 2017

Three named Kichisa

I have added a new title to my Recommended Japanese Live Action Cinema page. This one is especially good. Sannin Kichisa

Director: Kazuyoshi Kushida
Play author: Kawatake Shinshichi II

Starring: Nakamura Kankuro, Nakamura Shichinosuke and Onoe Matsuya, along with Kataoka Kamezo, Bando Shingo, Nakamura Tsurumatsu, Keiji Manako, Hiroshi Omori, Yoshi Oida, Takashi Sasano
This play premiered at the Ichimuraza in 1860, this filmed performance was at Theater Cocoon in June 2014.

2 hours 15 minutes
Part of the "Cinema Kabuki" series released by Shochiku Co of performances filmed and edited for showing in movie theaters.
From the opening in a commoners’ neighborhood to the dramatic “final curtain” the play is a joy to see and would be an excellent introduction to kabuki for a novice viewer.
This is the tale of three thieves who share the common personal name of Kichisa. As the story unfolds the viewer discovers they share far more than a name. The play not only shows their own pasts but how those of their families are interlocked in a complex web of karmic connections. The three Kichisa are: Oshô Kichisa a priest, Ojô Kichisa a pickpocket with girlish appearance who disguises himself as a woman, and Obô Kichisa a ronin. The story unfolds in a series of acts during which the back grounds of the characters and their families are shown. The stage setting is very modern, incorporating contemporary stage lighting and effects. Many details that would normally be less, or not, visible to the theater audience were filmed and are shown. While kabuki has the famous mie pose, the use of still images in various scenes performs a similar role and adds to the drama.

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