Saturday, October 15, 2022

Ikebukuro web pages added to the supplement.

 This one took over a week to get done as I had to correspond with some folks in Japan as to the status of several shops. The pandemic resulted in the closure and relocation of several stores in the area. I also submitted updates to both Google Maps and the Open Street Map project. This included correcting the names of a few shops.

As with all the other pages more will be added in time.

Tokyo Stroll Supplement: Ikebukuro

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Web page changes

I have updated and moved the Navigating Tokyo, Tokyo on the Cheap, and the Down the Sumidagawa With iPad and Camera pages into the Tokyo Stroll Supplement then removed them from the home page.

I also updated and moved the Navigating Comic Market page up on the home page, it is now listed under the category of Guides to Anime and Manga.

A few other out of date pages have been removed.

Enough for today, I'm tired.

I plan to do this with the Vicarious Tokyo page in the near future, likely tomorrow.