Sunday, July 25, 2010

T + T - T

Time again for food and food related object entries.

Remember that scene in the Ghost Slayers Ayashi supernatural anime where one of the characters is selling a type of noodle on the street and he squirts it out of a squarish device?

Well this is what this week's entries are about.

tokoroten (gelidium jelly) ところ天 or 心太

tokoroten-tsuki (extruder for tokoroten) 心太突き

Entries edited slightly to correct errors. Thanks for the message Ono-san, my sources were vague on some aspects of tokoroten.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Partyin' in December

I had thought of putting this one aside until December but then decided to go ahead and upload it today.

bōnen-kai ("forget the year party") 忘年会

Such parties sound like a good idea. Start planning yours now.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Osaka neighborhood

This week I have an entry for:

Shinmachi (pleasure quarter Ōsaka) 新町

Expect me to have more entries on Ōsaka and Kyōto in the future as I just acquired Ian Martin Röpke's Historical Dictionary of Osaka and Kyoto

Monday, July 5, 2010

Update on Expo '70

Ono-san from Tokyo identified some errors in my entry for Nippon bankoku hakuran-kai (Japan World Exposition aka Expo '70) 日本万国博覧会 For one I had the name as Nihon bankoku hakuran, not the formal Nippon bankoku hakuran. I also had the number of attending nations wrong as two dropped out after the list I was relying on was published.

Ono-san even went as far as to contact the Commemorative Organization for the Japan World Exposition '70 to verify which nations had attended.

He sent me the list of nations at Expo '70, in the order of the date when the nation announced its participation:

1 カナダ Canada
2 大韓民国 Republic of Korea
3 アメリカ USA
4 中華民国 Republic of China
5 オランダ the Netherlands
6 ザンビア Zambia
7 ソ連 USSR
8 ベルギー Belgium
9 ドイツ Germany
10 スイス Switzerland
11 ニュージーランド New Zealand
12 オーストラリア Australia
13 フランス France
14 ブルガリア Bulgaria
15 クウェート Kuwait
16 英国 United Kingdom
17 キューバ Cuba
18 トルコ Turkey
19 ポルトガル Portugal
20 タイ Thailand
21 フィリピン Philippines
22 アルジェリア Algeria
23 メキシコ Mexico
24 デンマーク Denmark
25 ノルウェー Norway
26 スウェーデン Sweden
27 フィンランド Finland
28 アイスランド Iceland
29 エチオピア Ethiopia
30 ラオス Laos
31 ビルマ Burma
32 ギリシャ Greece
33 ドミニカ Dominican Republic
34 サウジアラビア Saudi Arabia
35 チェコスロバキア Czechoslovakia
36 セイロン Ceylon
37 象牙海岸(コート ジボワール) Côte d'Ivoire
38 タンザニア Tanzania
39 インドネシア Indonesia
40 ガーナ Ghana
41 キプロス Cyprus
42 マダガスカル Madagascar
43 ウガンダ Uganda
44 シンガポール Singapore
45 パキスタン Pakistan
46 ガボン Gabon
47 インド India
48 チリ Chile
49 バチカン Vatican City
50 ベトナム共和国 Republic of Vietnam
51 コロンビア Colombia
52 ネパール Nepal
53 エクアドル Ecuado
54 ペルー Peru
55 イタリア Italy
56 中央アフリカ Central African Republic
57 アルゼンチン Argentina
58 ブラジル Brazil
59 ナイジェリア Nigeria
60 アブダビ Abu Dhabi
61 イラン Iran
62 マレーシア Malaysia
63 アフガニスタン Afghanistan
64 エルサルバドル El Salvador
65 カンボジア Cambodia
66 マルタ Malta
67 ベネズエラ Venezuela
68 アラブ連合 United Arab Republic
69 モナコ Monaco
70 ニカラグア Nicaragua
71 パナマ Panama
72 コスタリカ Costa Rica
73 ウルグアイ Uruguay
74 モーリシャス Mauritius
75 シエラレオネ Sierra Leone
76 アイルランド Ireland

Add Japan and you have 77 nations participating, so I have updated the entry accordingly. Thank you again Ono-san.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sustained Energy

This week I cover a beverage that is drunk throughout much of the world including North America but few anime fans have heard of.

Lipovitan リポビタン

I have a bottle in front of me on my desk and probably will open it this afternoon for the energy boost I will want.

This entry has quite a collection of links to resources at the company, some were used to put the entry together, others are just generally informative.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Revolutionary Girl Utena

Very jazzed to find a press release in my inbox this morning from Nozomi Entertainment that they have acquired the license for the Revolutionary Girl Utena TV series, and it will be the remastered version. They plan to release it as three box sets.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Three more manga

Today I add three more manga to my recommended list.

Drifting Life by Tatsumi Yoshihiro

Ghost Talker's Daydream by Okuse Saki (story) and Meguro Sankichi (art)

Ohikkoshi by Samura Hiroaki