Saturday, October 15, 2022

Ikebukuro web pages added to the supplement.

 This one took over a week to get done as I had to correspond with some folks in Japan as to the status of several shops. The pandemic resulted in the closure and relocation of several stores in the area. I also submitted updates to both Google Maps and the Open Street Map project. This included correcting the names of a few shops.

As with all the other pages more will be added in time.

Tokyo Stroll Supplement: Ikebukuro

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Web page changes

I have updated and moved the Navigating Tokyo, Tokyo on the Cheap, and the Down the Sumidagawa With iPad and Camera pages into the Tokyo Stroll Supplement then removed them from the home page.

I also updated and moved the Navigating Comic Market page up on the home page, it is now listed under the category of Guides to Anime and Manga.

A few other out of date pages have been removed.

Enough for today, I'm tired.

I plan to do this with the Vicarious Tokyo page in the near future, likely tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

More Tokyo Stroll supplement updates.

 I have updated the bookmarks files for MapsMe and Google Maps. I also created new supplement pages for the Asakusabashi/Kuramae/Torigoe Area and the Jimbōchō / Meiji University Area. Along with this is a new page of tips for Eating In Tokyo. I am currently working on a tip page for gift shopping in Tokyo broken down by type of item.

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Updates to Tokyo traveling information.

 I've done a couple new things on my web site.

The first is that I did a full rebuild of my old Down the Sumidagawa With iPad and Camera page. There is always still much more to add but that shall have to wait for a bit as I focus on the Tokyo Stroll Supplement pages.

The second thing i did was some redesigning for the Tokyo Stroll Supplement home page. Mostly some formatting changes plus adding a table for pages related to place information added to the supplement.

I hope these additions and changes improve the site for folks.

Monday, June 20, 2022

Updates on the Tokyo Stroll supplement.

I've added additional entries to most of the Tokyo Stroll Supplement pages related to specific chapters in the book. This started out when I decided to add the Yayoiken Asakusa Tawaramachi restaurant to the Asakusa page. Friends and I are planning a trip for the spring of 2023 and that Yayoiken location shall be our designated meeting place for breakfast so I wanted it to be bookmarked in MapsMe. Then I decided to add the other restaurants of this chain that fit on other supplement pages for the book chapters.

This  work resulted in the creation of two new pages one for Nihonbashi North and the other for Ueno.

Working on those additions led to me evaluate the look of the pages and I decided to alter the layout to make it easier to scan them. This is nothing dramatic just changing some of the paragraph structure and adding horizontal lines between entries. I think it is much easier on the eye than before. I also included a note after the title of each item entry indicating where it is in relation to the detail maps of that chapter.

Now to continue adding to the pages in anticipation of Tokyo Stroll being released in August.

I just added two more pages. One for the Meguro Station Area, the other for Shibamata.

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Marunouchi To Nagatachō page created plus updated map bookmarks

 I have created a new page for the web supplement to Tokyo Stroll for the Marunouchi To Nagatachō chapter. Presently it only has one new entry for the Tokyo Station Gallery, an art gallery in the station building.

The TokyoSuppl.kmz bookmarks file for Maps.Me and Google Maps has been updated with the addition of this location and is available for download.