Monday, December 31, 2007

Images from Wednesday Oct 24, part 2

Sorry it has take so long to get this batch of images up. The last few weeks were very busy at work and I’m beat when I get home. Add to that the writing work that I have to do, last minute holiday planning (not gift buying got that done some time ago), getting things done after returning from seeing family and I hope you can understand time has been limited.

In any case here we are.

As we could not take pictures inside the Ghibli Museum all of the shots here are from the outside of the museum.

This shot taken from the roof of the museum gives you a good idea of the multi level nature of the building. By the way the design of the building is influenced by Mediterranean villages.

The roof of the building is designed to look like an abandoned garden in a ruined city. Go down a path and you will find this block, about a meter square. Fans of Ghibli animation will recognize it as from Castle in the Sky.

Also on the roof, and from Castle in the Sky, is this robot. This sculpture is quite large intended to be as tall as the ones in the feature film it comes from.

The entire complex is filled with whimsical examples of craftsmanship. This water fountain is only one of them. It also worked quite well. Another feature is that everything is made to be accessible to small children, this means that adults have to adjust a little.

This outdoor circular stairway is how we got to the roof. There is another circular stairway inside, however Steven and I were too large for it so Cindy went up alone and got separated from us. After spending some time wandering about we found each other again and continued exploring together.

This photo is taken from ground level looking into the courtyard that is next to the bottom of the entrance stairway and below some of the exhibit floors and the restaurant.

This is the restaurant seen from the courtyard. We did not have time to order anything as the museum was closing by the time we reached this part of the building.

If you have a chance go see this museum, if you are going to Japan from another country you can buy tickets ahead of time.

Hopefully I’ll have new images up soon, all depending on how my writing goes today and tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Laputa! My favorite! w00t. I wonder if I can talk my Life into going when we're in Japan next?


Gilles Poitras said...


She would be foolish to not want to go.

Heck promise to go shopping at Marui if she does not like the museum.

Anonymous said...
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