Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Images from Wednesday Oct 24, part 1

This time I will be splitting the images into two groups. The first from Oct 24th before we arrived at the Ghibli Museum, the second batch will probably go up Friday or Saturday will be from the museum. For the report on what we did that day see: Wednesday the 24th The Ghibli Museum

This first shot is of a window in the ryokan we were staying in that looked over a small garden. This window was opaque to let in light but prevented one from looking in. If I remember correctly this one was in the toilet.

This is the hall outside our room, the sliding door to the room is on the right. Again it is made with opaque glass to preserve privacy. The ryokan was fully booked with people who came at all hours and yet it was rather quiet.

During our morning walk Steven found this small shrine to Inari on a narrow street of restaurants. The greenery in the vases was fresh and the area swept of leaves.

Another street nearby had these great traditional shop signs. The one on the left is for a restaurant.

Another street had these small statues of tanuki inside the lamp posts. Each one was different, this one seems to be in the form of Shoki the demon queller. Nearby there was a shrine called Chingo-do the origin of which was associated with tanuki.

Check back in a few days for the second part of the images from Oct 24.

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