Thursday, November 29, 2007

Images from the Third Day

Images from Saturday the 20th. For greater detail check this link for a description of the day.

Our morning walk again brought us back to Kappabashi dori.

This image of the Nimi store is of the main building across the street from the one I posted yesterday. Who could resist going back to photograph that chef's head on the buiding. Not Steven.

After the morning walk we headed to Akihabara. That famous electronics district transformed into a shopping mecca for anime, manga and video game fans. This shot is of an older part of the area that shows it's electronic shop splendor.

On the edge of Akihabara is the Kanda River. We saw tour boats and other traffic while taking photos of the older stone concrete structures near here. The long building to the left is actually under the railroad tracks, right under they form the roof.

Another view of Akihabara, each of these tall buildings is full of shops sell all manner of delightful objects. This area was actually much bigger than I expected.

While waiting for Adolfo we headed to a nearby shrine, Kanda Jinja, if you ever go to Akihabara or the Kanda bookstore area take time to walk to this beautiful shrine.

Back in Akihabara, after meeting up with and walking around with Adolfo, he and I took a rest while Steven took this shot. What is interesting is that you see so few people in this picture, there were people everywhere at that time.

OK all for today, check back tomorrow.

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