Monday, November 26, 2007

Finally the pictures

OK it's been a busy few weeks. But I'm caught up on much of my writing for the month and rested. So here we go the first images from the trip. What I'll do is post images from a single day each day or so.

Lets start with pictures from our first morning, on October 18.

This is the famous Kaminarimon gate, usually you see pictures of it with crowds filling the space. But we were there pretty early.

Beyond this famous gate is the famous Nakamisedori, a street of shops. However if you get there early like we did you get to see the murals painted on the shutters of the shops. There are so many of them you could do a small book on just these images and what they represent.

One thing we saw on a temple building was this onigawara end tile. These represent a river deity and are considered a charm against fire. We would later see many of these on traditional buildings.

After a short rest back at the ryokan and breakfast we again ventured out for what would become the Ueno Death March. This first picture is of the Hanayashiki amusement park, a very small park that was originally built in the 1920s.

As we walked towards Ueno park we kept getting sidetracked which resulted in a zig zag route that had some really cool stuff like the Shinto shrine above.

Another factor was the diversity of architecture, of the old and the new, like this run down building in the middle of a very modern block of shops.

By this point were were almost at the park and end of the day. Tomorrow I'll attempt to post images from October 19th.

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