Sunday, March 3, 2024

February 2024 monthly report

In February I created a new page for Arakawa Ku

Starting now I will create most new pages for each administrative part of Tokyo, cities, towns and villages, with just a few places listed. More will be added to them in the future. I want to quickly set the foundations for pages to make it easier to add more information in the future.

This is also partly because I need to spend more time preparing presentations that I am committed to doing in the near future.

Bookmark color change:

I also added a change to the color coding for the TokyoStroll.kmz bookmark set. Some of the bookmarks are in Blue. Blue bookmarks indicate an entry in Tokyo Stroll that has had a location change, name change, or closed temporarily or permanently. Blue bookmarks have a note with further information which is visible when you tap on that bookmark.

New Entry:

Added an entry for Yuzawaya to the Ikebukuro Station Area page.

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