Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fanime 2011

I have my schedule for Fanime 2011 which starts tomorrow.

There is always the possibility of last minute changes but this is a final schdedule.

Friday 7pm - Anime for Parents - badge not required - Panels 1 Mariott Salons I & II

Saturday 1pm - Anime and Manga for Grownups - Panels 1 Mariott Salons I & II

Sunday 12 noon - Older Titles for Newer Fans - Panels 2 Mariott Salon III

Monday 1 pm - Be You Otaku? - Panels 2 Mariott Salon III

Other than that I'll be haunting the halls, talking with folks, looking for toys in the dealers room and generally hanging out.

For those of you who were hoping I would repeat my Sex Trade in Anime and Manga presentation from last year I plan to do that one on occasion but not two years in a row.

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