Monday, January 5, 2009

Roadside, Sex tool, New Year

Last week I had several days off which enabled me to get several entries done. It has been my goal to get ahead of the entry writing so if I unable to write entries in a particular week I'll have some lined up to use. Of course this means I still need to keep writing new ones each week so I don't deplete the ones I have in reserve.

This week I cover :

dōsojin 道祖神

higozuiki (Higo dried taro stems) ひごずいき or 肥後ずいき or 肥後芋茎 or 白芋茎
[An interesting Edo Period sex tool.]

kagami-mochi (New Year rice cake ornament) 鏡餅

Until next week, keep enjoying anime and manga.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!


Gilles Poitras said...

Da same ta ya!