Sunday, January 18, 2009

Insult, Document, Island

This week I'm actually getting the entries up on Sunday rather than Monday.

For your edification I present:

ierō kyabu (yellow cab) イエローキャブ

koseki (household register) 戸籍

Sado 佐渡

I've been doing a marathon of note taking for the past week or so with a focus on religion/supernatural related material. The Ghost Hunt anime was enjoyable, I eagerly await volume 10 of the manga, and today I hope to watch and takes notes on Shonen Onmyouji disc 5. Meanwhile I am reading Jolanta Tubielewicz's Supersitions, Magic and Mantic Practice in the Heian Period and taking plenty of notes.

So for the near future you can expect a higher number of entries related to Buddhism, Shintō, Onmyodō, and yōkai among the other materials I am covering. Of course for marketing purposes I shall continue to add entries on erotic matters, after all sex sells rather well in this repressed society.

As always suggestions are welcome, just post a reply.

Also do consider my books for yourself or as gifts.

'Til next week, Watch More Anime!


Anonymous said...

The links for this post are bad. (They go to blogger rather than koyagi.)

That having been said, I *did* get the Anime Companion books for Christmas.

So, if posting a comment on your blog works such wonders, maybe they will finally get enough people enrolled to hold that Japanese II class at Schoolcraft...

Gilles Poitras said...

Will fix right now.

Thanks for the error message and getting the books.

Anonymous said...

'Til next week, Watch More Anime! Can do, ol' buddy, can do!

How long you reckon it'll be until the town of "Obama" is mentioned in anime?


Gilles Poitras said...

I would expect manga first, perhaps soon.

If in the right place it could be good for their tourism business.