Monday, January 12, 2009

Poem. Pink. Oppression

This week a poem used to teach hiragana and to organize dictionaries, the Japanese use of an English word for a color, and an oppressive institution that ceased with the downfall of the shogun.

iroha uta (iroha poem) 伊呂波歌

pinku (pink) ピンク

shûmon aratame (religious inquisition) 宗門改

I'm currently working through a huge backlog of anime and manga that I need to take notes on. One advantage of this is that when I merge the new notes into my existing set I spot interesting items to add to the supplement. Sometimes I am surprise what I have not already included, at other times with what I have not seen in anime and manga before, and sometimes I am delighted to find an example of something I had wanted to include but simply did not turn up in any stories I had enjoyed.

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