Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Just arrived back in time to find a just arrived package

Got back about 40 minutes ago from visiting my mom for Christmas to find a box from The Right Stuf in my mailbox.

Inside the box was the new Nozomi Entertainment release of the entire 10 episode Dirty Pair OVA series.

This is a great tongue in cheek science fiction series involving two attractive, female agents who always succeed in their missions. However often with lots of collateral damage. It's fun, action oriented and has some great lines.

Warning contains violence and exposed female flesh.


Anonymous said...

Would be interested in your views, as a literatum and a snob, in the differences between the classic Yuri and Kei and their Adam Warren incarnations. The former seemed to me to exist in a kind of Eden where exhibitionism and violence are the norms, things neither to be condemned or condoned in extreme; while the latter seemed always to be more selfish and mean-spirited, and live in a universe of born from the id-superego conflict. Your thoughts, maybe in another blog post?

Dead Stuff With Big Teeth

Gilles Poitras said...

It has been awhile since I read the Smith/Warren and Warren Dirty Pair comics. They are in many ways a product of a North American perspective. However in some ways I think they are closer to the original prose stores than the anime is.