Saturday, December 10, 2011

Arrived today

I was sitting in the living room when a clatter was heard from the porch.

It was the arrival of a box containing 2 DVD box sets released by Nozomi.

Revolutionary Girl Utena Box Set 3: Apocalypse Saga

Utena I have seen in the earlier release from Software Sculptures but this new release is an excellent one which I highly recommend.

The third Utena box includes the movie, "The Adolescence of Utena" which is a retelling of the Utena story aimed at an older audience than the TV series.

Each box in the three Utena box sets also comes with a great little book of interviews, commentaries by the creators, art etc. Nozomi also tossed in the duelist ring that is sent to buyers of all three box sets, a nice extra.

The other title was:
The Emma: A Victorian Romance Seasons 1-2 Complete Series Bundle

The Emma series also also comes with two books, one in each box.

I'm curious to see Emma as it is a show I have heard such good things about. The idea of a romance caught up in the class biases of Victorian England has so much potential as a story I want to see how it was addressed in this award winning tale.

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