Sunday, May 8, 2011

From here to there, but how?

This week's new entry to the Anime Companion Supplement is something any urban dweller or experienced traveler is likely to have used. Train schedules.

This falls into the: "not seen in anime and manga often but important in real life" category.

Of course it also falls into the: "Gilles wanted to write about this" category.

In any case I present you with:

jikoku-hyō (timetable) 時刻表

By the way, my main two sources of information were articles in JRTR Japan Railway & Transport Review, a magazine that has all of the issues online in PDF format for easy downloading.


jwatson8 said...

I found a few typos in the latest entry. Here are they are with my suggested corrections:

"in English which while" to "in English, which while"

"Japan The monthly JTB Timetable began in 1925 has continues" to "Japan. The monthly JTB Timetable began in 1925 and continues" (period, "and")

"at the time.The December" to "at the time. The December"

Gilles Poitras said...

Thanks John I'll upload the edited version later.

I really need to start grammar checking these in Word before I upload them.

jwatson8 said...

You're welcome. ^_^

Anonymous said...

An example of the unholy union between manga and train timetables is given in Volume 1 of Even Monkeys Can Draw Manga. Probably worth mentioning because it gives a station-by-station breakdown of one of the routes.