Monday, May 30, 2011

Famine Con to date

Last day of the con.

In the Green Room one of the Japanese guests was walking around with his phone streaming live video and reading viewer comments. I wonder what they thought of Piper, the very cute dog.

The Panels have gone well, the last one is Be You Otaku in a few hours.

Well I think I'll get on to the rest of the day. I'll post the new Anime Companion Supplement entry tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Dude, you sound bushed. Get some sleep!

DSWBT (who hasn't been to an anime con in 7 years)

Gilles Poitras said...

I was. Heck, it's Tuesday and I still am.

I work cons.

I did a panel each day which is not too bad, I also scoured the dealers room and found some interesting stuff including a very nice Dr Fujiko figurine.

Today I do some chores at a slow pace and rest.