Sunday, June 27, 2010

Two that fit in the hand

This week I am adding two entries as they are both short ones.

Both have a sexual context. What got me to do them was that I was checking my Google Analytics reports to see which terms are used to bring people to the Anime Companion Supplement pages. The majority of the terms were sexual. So I figured I'd do more from my lists of possible entries and had two short ones ready. There really are not that many more in my lists and I'll add more on occasion.

Now I am going to start looking at the non-sexual terms and try to add more related to those. I figure if folks are looking for something I better add more entries related to the broader subject.

sukeruton baibu (skeleton vibe, clear vibrator) スケルトンバイブ

waribiki tiketto (discount ticket) 割引チケット

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Anonymous said...

/me starts searching for Gille's Slog using phrases like "collapsable pineapple" and "the eagle flies on Friday".