Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fanime Report 2 - Manga for Grownups

While the title was Anime and Manga for Grownups I focussed on manga.

The criteria I use for this presentation is titles which I highly value but are likely to be little known and all titles have to be in print in English translations.

I'm often amazed how many good titles get only a few hands up in the room when I ask "Who has read...?"

Here is the list of titles I covered this year, all names are in Japanese order with family name first.

Azuma Hideo - Disappearance Diary

Hirata Hiroshi - Satsuma Gishiden

Inoue Takehiko - Vagabond

Inoue Takehiko - Real

Ishikawa Masayuki - Moyasimon: Tales of Agriculture

Kariya Tetsu (story) Hanasaki Akira(art) - Oishinbo

Katsura Masakazu - I"s

Kikuchi Hideyuki (author), Shin Yong-Gwa (art) - Taimashin: The Red Spider Exorcist

Kobayashi Makoto - Club 9

Koike Kazuo, Lady Snowblood

Nakazawa Keiji - Barefoot Gen

Samura Hiroaki - Ohikkoshi

Takahashi Hiroshi - Worst

Takahashi Rumiko - Maison Ikkoku

Tamaki Nozomu - Dance in the Vampire Bund

Taniguchi Jiro - Times of Botchan

Taniguchi Jiro - Walking Man

Tatsumi Yoshihiro - Drifting Life

Watanabe Taeko - Kaze Hikaru

Yamada Futaro (story), Segawa Masaki (art) - Yagyu Ninja Scrolls


Alex said...

Nice list but you can't forget about Sanctuary (and Heat)by Ryochi ikegami and Buronson.
And when it comes to Taniguchi's piece of work:Haruka-na machi e and chichi no koyumi are very (very) good.
Introducing manga for grownups is a good initiative because I am stunned by so called manga readers ignorance.
It seems like everywhere I go seinen readers are a dying breed.
i am from France by the way ( which is the second market for mangas right after Japan) and its very sad thats the seinen genre is becoming a forgotten world.

Gilles Poitras said...

Alas Sanctuary is out of print in the US.

Seinen is actually growing in the US, slowly but growing. At least in the number of titles coming out.