Sunday, June 14, 2009

Food, two roots and a technique

This week I decided to start adding food related entries again. You see when I created the Topical/Subject Index to the Anime Companion Supplement I realized how many food related item I had and decided to focus on other subjects for some time.

Viz is now publishing the Oishinbo manga and I'm hearing from retailers that it is selling quite well. Plus I feel inspired by the love of food shown by Jigoro in Yawara, the Fashionable Judo Girl anime. So I decided to again start including food related entries. Originally I planned to do one a week. However for this week my plan was for an entry for kabu (turnip) 蕪, however my example from Samurai X Trust and Betrayal showed a second root crop satoimo (taro) 里芋. So I included that one, thing is the taro entry included that the root is used in nimono (simmered food) 煮物. The result was three interlocked food entries.

To make things even more interesting, and to simplify to locating entries, I have added two new food related sub-categories to the Topical/Subject Index. There are now entries for Food - Cooking Techniques and Food - Processed Ingredients. The addition of categories and sub-categories will continue as the index expands with new entries.

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