Friday, February 6, 2009

Your Internet is weak

I sometimes get folks asking me why I don't just use the Internet for information about Japan.

Problem is often what I find on the internet is inaccurate or very wrong. More than once I have found found web sites that base their "factual" information on works of fiction. Which brings up another problem, many sites do not cite their sources so you have no idea where they got their information. Frankly many simply just write off the cuff and leave it at that, relying on hearsay, poor memory or fantasy rather than trying to verify what they are saying.

This is not information I can use.

Now I do admit there are many good site out there and the Internet is a place to begin looking for information. Wikipedia for example, as weak as it still is, has tightened their standards for citing sources which has greatly improved their content which makes it a good quick reference.

But for me I'll check the Internet for clues as to what to search for in better sources.


Anonymous said...

Good post! Clear and succinct, leaves no room for argument, the way rhetoric should be.

My students have difficulty grasping why I say that they can't use Wikipedia. Edmund Minahan is why I say they can't use Wikipedia.


DocWatson42 said...

I fixed the Edmund Minhan article—but your point is well taken. ^_^