Monday, February 23, 2009

Religion this week

This week I have three Buddhism related entries. This kind of off sets the carnal entries for Valentine's Day.

Two of them are from Ghost Hunt the other from Pom Poko.

Marishiten (Buddhist deity) 摩利支天

nenbutsu odori (dancing nembutsu) 念仏踊

Ryôbu Shintô (Dual Shintô) 両部神道

During the past several weeks I've put plenty of time in adding to my notes. I keep an extensive set of notes which I use to create these entries and the more I add to the notes the easier it is to locate information I can use. Of course as I am integrating my notes I run into things that look interesting and end up doing entries on them. This works pretty well as often i am adding notes from recently released works, tho' I do play favorites on occasion for older titles.

As always I welcome, even encourage, your suggestions as to how I could improve the supplement. Please feel free to ask for specific entries when something catches your eye.

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