Sunday, December 2, 2007

Another day used up plus sweets.

Today I got up and added the usual three new entries for the Anime Companion Supplement . Then I went into Berkeley to meet up with friends... Well I ended up using the whole day and most of my energy so no pictures tonight as I still have not done the research I planned to.

Tomorrow I stay home, except for a grocery run, and will get pictures uploaded.

What did I upload for the supplement?

Three entries related to traditional sweets.

kashiya (traditional confectionary)

monaka (stuffed wafer cake)

wagashi (traditional confections)


Anonymous said...


He's back, and he's bad. I just got caught up on the last couple of days of pix. Thanks for posting 'em. Now I gotta get caught up on the rest of the blog. Good to hear from you again,

Dead Stuff With Big Teeth

Gilles Poitras said...

Hi Dan, good to hear from you.

Keep checking back regularly, there will be several more days of image posting.