Sunday, February 10, 2013

47 Ronin Six Times Over

I'm back after taking some time off for other projects and traveling to Tokyo for Comiket and the New Year.

This time I have more recommended films. Six in fact all related to the story of the 47 ronin and their famous attack on Kira's mansion. This story has not only inspired puppet and kabuki plays but also over 80 films. These few below are some of the best and available on English subtitled DVD. In fact I include a DVD release of the kabuki play as well as a silent picture with benshi accompanyment.


47 Ronin
Jitsuroku Chushingura
Kana Tehon Chūshingura
Kon Ichikawa’s 47 Ronin
The Loyal 47 Ronin
Samurai Vendetta (a.k.a. Hakuoki)

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