Monday, August 8, 2011

Over the river

It took some time to write up this one. All the information I had was scattered here and there in various books.

But it is done, I present to you another entry related to Edo and Tokyo:

Honjo 本所


Anonymous said...


Fascinating, but what's the "Seven Wonders of Honjo"? Architectural? Spiritual? Or will I have to watch the anime to find out?


Gilles Poitras said...

I'll add a link to:

jwatson8 said...

Two small corrections—change

"including Kira Yoshinaka" to "including that of Kira Yoshinaka"


"known for it's" to "known for its".

Clouds-sama said...

Gilles... I just wanted to say I love what your doing and fully encourage the continuation of it. <3

I know this post is not the best place for this kind of thing but your terminology glossary brings a tear to my eye. (In a good way)

I'm a culture enthusiast and a slight mangaka wannabe. I fell upon your anime companion guide when looking for specific character type terms relative with manga/anime and just... gah! <3 You do such good research! I look forward to your next post.

Gilles Poitras said...

Thank you Dr Watson for spotting bad grammar. As usual this helps.

Thanks Clouds-sama

Expect next week to also be an Edo/Tokyo related entry.

I do take requests if you have any.