Monday, June 20, 2011

One for the ladies, and a few lads.

This week I have another entry for adults so if your parents are likely to object make sure they are out of the room you don't click the link.

This weeks Anime Companion Supplement entry is for an item found all around the world with varying degrees of social acceptance.

This week's entry is the :

harikata (dildo) 張形


jwatson8 said...

Two corrections: "suigyû" should be "suigyū" and "Male Colors" needs to be italicized. (When I compose rōmaji text, I copy and paste macroned letters from a TextEdit document I keep open all the time (it also has BBCode tags and other things I frequently use), a practice which you also might find useful.)

Gilles Poitras said...


Thanks I missed italicizing Male Colors.

As for û to ū I did a global find and replace and corrected this in three pages. BBEdit is such a handy program for HTML.

BTW I often use a circumflex and later do a find and replace. Often much later.