Friday, September 24, 2010

Topping 700 or rank administration

A couple of months ago I wrote an entry on an Edo Period administrative office that referenced another office so I wrote related entry, which then referenced yet another on a samurai rank so I wrote an entry on it and so on. I kept writing entries over the weeks and prepping them to add to the supplement pages.

This week I present 21 new entries, which bring the total of entries in the supplement to over 700, and a little earlier than usual as I'll be in Minneapolis for Schoolgirls and Mobilesuits for the weekend.

Here you are:

bugyō (magistrate, commissioner) 奉行

dōchū bugyō (commissioner of highways) 道中奉行

Edo machi bugyō (Edo city commissioner or magistrate) 江戸町奉行

gokenin (vassals, housemen) 御家人

jisha bugyō (commissioner of temples and shrines) 寺社奉行

kanjō bugyō (commissioner of finance) 勘定奉行

karō (house elder) 家老

kobushin 小普請

Kobushin-gumi 小普請組

machi bugyō (city commissioner or magistrate) 町奉行

machi-bugyōsho (town magistrate office) 町奉行所

machi-doshiyori (town elder, alderman) 町年寄

metsuke (inspector, censor) 目付

Nagasaki bugyō (Nagasaki Commissioner) 長崎奉行

ōmetsuke (inspectors general) 大目付

rōjū (elder) 老中

rusui (caretaker, keeper) 留守居

shugo (military governors) 守護

toshiyori (elders, community leaders) 年寄

wakadoshiyori (junior councilors, young elders) 若年寄

yoriki (assistant magistrate) 与力

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