Sunday, March 7, 2010

A convenient five

So I was writing an entry for the supplement last week. Then I noticed that my notes had an example from the Ah! My Goddess Flights of Fancy TV series and misremembered that the example I was going to use was set in a convenience store.

So I figured I need an entry for convenience stores, then I figured I should do entries for the specific chains seen in anime and manga. Upon checking this morning I realized the example was in a bookstore, oh well it resulted in these 5 new entries:


FamilyMart Co. Ltd. ファミリーマート

konbini (convenience store) コンビニ


Seven-Eleven Japan Co. Ltd. セブン-イレブン・ジャパン

What was I going to originally write about? You will have to wait until next week, or perhaps the week after to find out.

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Chris Sobieniak said...

I'm still impressed to see I remember a "Lawson" growing up in my parts (where the store's name originated from a chain of food marts that dotted the Ohio valley).