Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Helen McCarthy on digital theft

Two of the writers I most respect are Helen McCarthy and Jonathan Clements. Both of these people have put long hours into writing excellent works.

Helen writes in her blog about the problem faced when a work is digitized and put online in violation of the rights of the writer. This recently happened when someone uploaded the Anime Encyclopedia to the internet.

Go Go OCILLA! Or, I Saw It Coming But It Was Too Big To Dodge

I strongly urge people to report any site that has this book or links to it to the publisher, Stone Bridge Press. Or for that matter any work to the publisher of that work, especially small press publishers which could be in danger of going out of business if this gets carried too far.

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Helen said...

Thanks Gilles! I'd urge anyone who sees any book being pirated to report to the publisher. DCMA/OCILLA are very specific that the rights holder must take action, and in most cases their definition dictates this is the publisher rather than the author. Authors always appreciate a heads up, though.