Monday, November 23, 2009

Long day

I slept in this morning, about three and half hours more than usual. Good thing I have Mondays off.

From 11:30 until about 5:30 I was at the Cartoon Art Museum helping with shelving. Mainly climbing on a very tall ladder and removing display shelves from high up so we could incorporate them into the stock shelving. I talked my friend Steven Farnum into helping. Things are a bit messy in the store, they will be getting things back in order tomorrow morning. However the Older Teen and Adult Manga section has a better display and the anime section has more space.

While I was in Tokyo there was a significant upgrade to my web hosting provider's servers. I have had to upgrade my FTP program and change my setting for email since I got back. Things are now working fine. During the transition the most recent updates to my web pages went into the bit bucket so i had to re-upload them, easy enough to do. This means that the four entries I uploaded before heading to Tokyo are back online.

I highly recommend intuitiveISP is you are looking for a host for a web site. It is a small operation but they have been very helpful in ways the big guys just have not been.

Their web site is at:

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