Monday, October 6, 2008

Building, Concept, Beastie

The three new entries this week include two from Shintō and one supernatural critter you don't want hangin' about.

honden (main shrine) 本殿

miitsu みいつ or 威霊

nue 鵼

Also I revised tegata changing it to sekisho tegata (travel pass) 関所手形 which is what the entry is specifically about. Thank you Ono-san for pointing out the inaccuracies in the entry.

Again I continue focussing on religion with one on the supernatural. I'm going to start going into other areas beginning next week. I shall make an effort to keep adding religious and supernatural entries as I go along as the response to these has been positive.

If you have an area of interest related to Japanese culture that you would like to see more entries for let me know.

You can even suggest specific items you have seen in US released anime and manga, if I have good information on them I'll do a write up. Just don't expect it right away.

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