Sunday, July 27, 2008

Little houses, a folding weapon and a shogun

This week I have three items with no direct relation to each other.

hokora (small wayside shrines) 祠

karakuri jitte カラクリ實手

Tokugawa Ienari 徳川家斉

I'm also curious what subject areas or types of material you would like to see more of in the Anime Companion Supplement. Write a reply to these posts and let me know.

I have a very large database of possible entries and am interested in what areas you would like more coverage on.


Aje said...

I guess for myself, as with the word 'kotodama' I asked you about a few months ago, genereal philosophical/spiritual related items are a main interest. Plus pop culture elements (which should be a wide enough enclusive field in itself).

Gilles Poitras said...

Expect many more spiritual and religious related entries. I plan to place an emphasis on this for the near future.

By pop culture elements I assume you mean entertainment? These are a little problematic as most are small references to individuals or bands and I would not want to do too may of them in a short time. However some turn up more than once and are therefore likely to get an entry.

One of the many criteria I use is when something comes up multiple times.

Aje said...

By pop culture, I didn't really mean entertainment, at least not as far as particular stars or bands, but more general 'elements' or 'trends'. 'Maid Cafes' rather than 'Anne Miller's', for example. Pop culture can cover everything from dining trends to fashions to art, music, television. It's a fairly broad term, in the sense (as has been argued in r.a.a.m.a number of times) that anime is a medium, embracing a number of genres, and not a genre in itself. I hope that's clearer.