Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Expect more yokai

OK I have to confess I have a thing for yokai. They are just so cool, too bad it is almost impossible to find out much information on them in English.

I'll just have to get back into studying Japanese so I can read about them and use the great database that is online,

I have heard it has over 13,000 entries.

Anyway several weeks ago I picked up the first volume of Kon Kon Kokon by Koge-Donbo, pub in the US by Broccoli Books. This cute little manga is full of yokai, after all the main character is a high school kid who is a yokai fanatic. Not only is it full of yokai it has a small 'yokai encyclopedia' in the back.

I'll be mining this and other sources for more yokai entries. In fact soon the Anime Companion Supplement will be one of the largest English resources on yokai. Kinda pathetic as it will be so only as there is so little else out there.

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Anonymous said...

Why do I have visions of you as a silhouette, walking around saying "Yokai! Yokai!" a la Revolutionary Girl Utena? ;-)