Monday, November 12, 2007

Anime Companion Supplement - More fuzoku

While I did add new entries to the Anime Companion Supplement last week I not post a list of updates last week as things have been busy since getting back from Tokyo.

Last week I added three more entries related to the Japanese sex industry. This week I have two and a half, half in that one is only partly related to the industry.

Last weeks entries:

fasshon herusu (fashion health)
ferachio (fellatio)

This week's entries:

matto sâbisu (mat service)
sokushaku (immediate fellatio)

This pretty much ends my regular string of sex related entries which I have been doing over the past year. I had delayed on doing such entries for years until I could find reliable secondary sources.

My main secondary sources for these entries have been:

Peter Constantine, Japan's Sex Trade - long out of print, a friend located a copy for me at Book Zoo, a fun and eclectic mess of a bookshop.

Joan Sinclair, Pink Box - The author became interested in the subject of the fûzoku (sex industry) when she was teaching English in Japan. Years later she spent several months researching and photographing this alspect of Japanese entertainment producting a well crafted work which I picked up as soon as it came out last year.

Looking over my notes I notice I still have a few more entries to do but need examples from anime and manga to do them. Sources who prefer to remain anonymous and who follow ero-anime have given me good advice, manga was much easier to research as I could easily skim through volumes to see if they hav any useful material. What I did find interesting is that almost all erotic and pornographic anime and manga have little to say about the sex industry, their tales take place in everyday life. Instead non-erotic and non-pornographic seinen set in modern Japan have been my major source of useful examples.

If you know of any examples of US commercially released anime and manga with references to the sex industry which I have missed please let me know.

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