Sunday, September 23, 2007

Of baths, animation and keeping clean

I spent some time last week cleaning up my recommended lists for anime and manga. I still have a long ways to go, so far I have removed some discontinued series and updated links for some of the existing ones. I hope to start adding new recommendations soon. That is if I have energy, work has been extra work for the past several weeks and I have other projects to do.

This week's new Anime Companion Supplement entries are for :

bandai (bath house attendant)

Bandai Bijuaru Kabushiki Gaisha (Bandai Visual Co. Ltd.)

oshibori supesharu (oshibori special)

The second Bandai was necessitated by the first entry, after all I could not have an entry on the bath house attendant with at least an entry on one branch of the large toy and entertainment company we all know so well. The oshibori supesharu entry is actually something I planned for when I wrote the entry on oshibori for last week's update.

And now I'll do dishes and laundry, both of which have piled up.

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