Monday, July 16, 2007

Shopping in Berkeley

I've been busy again, got to stop doing that.

In any case I went to Moe's books in Berkeley and picked up the Tale of Genji in Royall Tyler's excellent translation, not so much for the text as for the notes. Genji is a bit too high class for me, I prefer works along the line of the Tale of Heike and other war stories as well as common entertainments like kabuki.

Speaking of Moe's if you are in Berkeley check out their second hand manga section on their 3rd floor. They have expanded it and have two shelves of volumes in Japanese.

I also went to Comic Relief and picked up the first volume of the Old Boy manga from Dark Horse, the next day I bought the other five volumes that are available. Two more to go and we see how this great story plays out.

This week all three new entries in the Anime Companion Supplement are from the 1920s and 30s.

eroguro nansensu (erotic-grotesque nonsense)

mobo (modern boy)

moga (modern girl)

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